Datanit probe

For all nitriding and nitrocarburizing processes



  - Measure and control the nitriding potential Kn
  - Measure and control the carburizing potential Kc (nitrocarburizing)
  - Measure the oxygen potential Ko

  Assure the reproductibility of your treatments
  Assure la traceability of your production
  Reduced the gas consuption (with Kn regulation)

  Automatic calibration
  Don't require any maintenance




Technical features :DatanitBMI

Kn  ±0.1 bar -1/2
Kc  ±0.01 bar -1/2
Ko  ±0.01

Measurment domain
Hydrogen     4% - 75% vol.
Ammonia      0% - 80% vol.

Position of installation
Horizontal ou vertical


 Example of installation on a vacuum furnace