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THE supervision software conceived for the Heat Treatment

Free of license

 After more of 22 years of experience in systems of supervision and after the SCR7000 (supervisor functioning under MS-DOS), Yazca is today the supervision software the most succeeded of the market for all installations of Heat Treatment.

Examples of application


  With an architecture Server-Client and secured MySQL databses, Yazca can manage one or several simple installation type pit furnace, batch, continuous line but also very complex installation as automated lines of bell or pit furnaces. In this case, it can also optimize the cycles.


- Single or double cracker for ammonia
- 3 sizes, powers 5.4, 10.8 and 21.6 kW
- Control system at 950°C secure

Ideal for destruction
residual ammonia gases and other

And/or for fabrication
process gases (H2+N2)

NH3 emissions < 0.0042 g / hour
NOx emissions = 46 mg/Nm3 sec
Complies with NF and European standards
Veritas certified

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