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For the injection of additional gas and the management of probe purge



  - Management of probe purge and air reference of oxygen probes.
  - Gas regulation by MassFlowController






Technical specifications :

Power supply : Valves 24 VDC, MassFlowController 24 VDC.
Flow meter : Reference air (0 to 80 L/h), purge air (0 to 150 L/h)
Input Air and Propane C3H8 (or natural gas CH4) 0.8 bar.

Delivered with a MassFlowController M+W, about 800 nl/h of propane (2328 nl/h of air), other flow on demand.

Supply with a multipole connector, complete documentation and a certificate of calibration in 5 points.


- Single or double cracker for ammonia
- 3 sizes, powers 5.4, 10.8 and 21.6 kW
- Control system at 950°C secure

Ideal for destruction
residual ammonia gases and other

And/or for fabrication
process gases (H2+N2)

NH3 emissions < 0.0042 g / hour
NOx emissions = 46 mg/Nm3 sec
Complies with NF and European standards
Veritas certified

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